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We're about to take you behind the mic, and into the world of one of the youngest, and most successful voice over artists in showbiz. Queen Noveen lends her voice to the biggest events on television.

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Queen Noveen shares insight on her career in the voiceover industry as part Black History Month.

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Throughout Queen Noveen's life, a common compliment she received - whether reading aloud in class or having a conversation with a stranger - was that she had a distinctive voice.

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"In 2017, Queen Noveen was gifted a brand new 2017 Chevrolet Equinox by Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show, amongst other surprises that were in store for her. She made two appearances on the show and was also a contestant on Season 1 of Ellen's Game of Games on NBC."

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"What I loved most about voicing her was, it wasn't too far off from who I am and where my voice actually was," Queen Noveen, the actor who voices Layla, tells Allure. "I felt like I was using my natural voice, but adding a little more of me in the sense that she and I were both pretty sassy - and I love it!"


"I love live announcing awards shows, the thrill and excitement of it," she said. "I love the chaos and everyone's running around. And everyone gets to hear my voice. I'm the voice of God for the awards shows, and I think that's just so awesome."